Along with our process improvement products, TPC provides a complete array of services to support your business needs and improvement initiatives. Some of the key services include:

  1. Strategic Planning
  2. Establishing a meaningful measurement program for performance
  3. Process Mapping/Process Definition
  4. Process Optimization
  5. Action Planning for success
  6. Custom and tailored training in any project management discipline
  7. Custom and tailored training in specific software development topics
  8. Custom and tailored training to specific service related training
  9. CMMI Training – 2 Day Foundations of Capability
  10. CMMI Training – 1 Day Building Development Excellence
  11. CMMI Training – 1 Day Building Services Excellence
  12. CMMI Training – 1 Day High Maturity Concepts
  13. Process Performance Training
  14. Turbo CMMI (Executive Overview of the CMMI)
  15. Practice Implementation Indicator Description (PII) Walkthroughs
  16. Appraisal Team Member Training
  17. Measurement program development and maintenance
  18. Establishing an Organizational Process Management Team
  19. Establishing an effective quality assurance function/group
  20. Providing Quality Assurance expertise
  21. Process Improvement Consulting
  22. Understanding higher maturity concepts
  23. Statistical Process Control Techniques
  24. Leading and Managing Change
  25. Continuous Process Improvement and Process Optimization

For further information on any of our service offerings and to discuss how TPC can help your organization, please contact our offices at 703-969-6338 to arrange a demo or send us an email to

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