Process Improvement Approach

The Process Company (TPC) has many technical capabilities, one which is based on our vast history and experience in establishing and sustaining a process improvement capability. The Process Company’s philosophy is one of practical application of the process improvement in order to help organizations meet their true business objectives and minimize project risk. TPC brings the experience of having trained and provided knowledge to over 80 organizations in various industries, completing over 480 CMMI based assessments and appraisals. The approach is as follows:

Understanding Your Organization’s Objectives

The first step is to understand the organization’s business objectives and what is motivating the organization to improve. This gives our lead appraisers perspective on customizing a process improvement program to suit your needs and provides insight into what is important to your organization. This step is usually completed by visiting with senior management and other process champions within the organization.

Understanding the Improvement Framework

As the organization begins its journey in establishing a process improvement program, the CMMI must be well understood. This is usually accomplished through a training course, which will help your organization focus on how to implement the model in the context of your organization’s activities.

Benchmark The Organization

Once the organization has an understanding of the CMMI and has done some work in defining, documenting and/or implementing the processes, TPC’s internationally experienced CMMI Institute certified Lead Appraisers can conduct an appraisal to benchmark your organization to help the organization understand how its processes map to the intent of the CMMI. Appraisals are usually conducted as an informal or formal gap analysis, or as an Evaluation or Benchmark appraisal. TPC possesses one of the most experiences corps of authorized lead appraisers. TPC utilizes PRISM, which is a TPC developed Process Improvement and Appraisal tool. PRISM was originally developed with appraisals in mind, but has expanded to allow your organization to gauge improvements following the appraisal activities.

 Continued Improvement

Once the appraisal has been completed, TPC can help your organization implement a continuous process improvement program that is focused on taking positive action. TPC offers a variety of continued training, hands-on workshops or consulting to help your organization address and prioritize your improvement needs.

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